Will Soccer Rules Change

Soccer has joined other sports in the growing legal debate over head injuries. On August 27, a group of American parents and players filed a class-action lawsuit against six national and international soccer organizations. The group claims the organizations have not handled concussions safely at all levels of play.

DX37K9 Sport Soccer Two players rebound from a header collision South Elgin Ilinois
DX37K9 Sport Soccer Two players rebound from a header collision South Elgin Ilinois

The suit was filed in federal court in San Francisco, California. It was filed against U.S. Soccer, the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), U.S. Youth Soccer, U.S. Club Soccer, the California Youth Soccer Association, and FIFA, soccer’s international governing body. The parents say the organizations have done little to detect and treat head injuries even though they know how dangerous they can be.

According to FIFA, soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Of more than 265 million players worldwide, about 8 million are kids in the U.S., according to the lawsuit. The parents and players filing the suit hope to change the rules

Kicking Off the Cup

Millions of soccer fans around the globe will be glued to their televisions starting June 12, when the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil. With 32 countries in competition, the World Cup is one of the world’s most popular sporting events. The monthlong tournament is held every four years. It is estimated that at least 1 billion people watched the 2010 World Cup final, which was held in South Africa.


The 64 matches of the 2014 World Cup will be played in 12 Brazilian cities. The host country will play Croatia in the kickoff game at Itaquerao stadium in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. After the final match—at Maracaña Stadium in Rio de Janeiro—on July 13, the FIFA World Cup trophy will be presented to the captain of the winning team.

A Rematch for the U.S.

The U.S. men’s national team will play its opening game on June 16 against Ghana, which eliminated the U.S. at the last two World Cups. The 23-member U.S. team is young—only five have previously played in a World Cup. But coach Jürgen Klinsmann says he is doing

The Hungry Huskies Win Big

The University of Connecticut made basketball history this week. It became the only school to win both women’s and men’s NCAA basketball tournaments in the same year.


On Tuesday night in Nashville, Tennessee, the Connecticut Huskies faced the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the NCAA women’s tournament championship game. It was the first final matchup of two undefeated women’s teams. UConn beat Notre Dame 79-58, earning their ninth national championship. Head Coach Geno Auriemma broke a tie with head coach Pat Summitt for most national titles on record.

“We beat a great, great team,” Auriemma said. “Notre Dame is a great team. I can’t say enough about their players and coaching staff, and it took everything we have. I knew if we played great we’d have a chance to win.”

On Monday night, the Huskies’ men’s team beat Kentucky. It was their fourth time winning the title. “I couldn’t be prouder of what the men did last night,” Auriemma said.

A Promise to Fans

In the final men’s

Basic Equipment for a Child Soccer League

One of the best things about soccer is that it requires so little equipment compared too many other sports. Soccer Garage has a quick look at some of the basic equipment you will need for a child soccer league.

You will need to start with the goals. These should be the appropriate size for the age of the children playing in the league. It is best to get enough goals so that all the teams in the league can play at once during a tournament.

Getting some cones and whistles is very helpful for the coaches in the league. You will want lots of balls for the kids to play and practice with. It is best to get the cheaper balls specifically designed for practices. Everyone knows how rough kids can be on gear.

Speaking of gear for soccer kids, they will need soccer T-shirts of jerseys as well. It is good to get T-shirts and jerseys for both practices and games.

The footwear is very important in soccer. Make sure to get kids the right soccer socks to go underneath their cleats. It is also crucial to get a high-quality pair of shin guards to protect the children’s tender shins.

Soccer shorts

Five Tips on How to Become a Successful Sports Coach

There are a number of articles and websites that discuss what you need to do to become a successful sports coach but ultimately it comes down to you. You decide how you move forward in your coaching career. The five tips below are there to help you reflect on your current practice and when reading them, try and think of ideas that will ultimately benefit you and your athlete/s.


Variance is a key factor to learning and maintaining motivation. If your athletes turn up to the same warm up and the same practice drill every day they will start to feel like training is a chore. Try and have a set of different warm ups and try something new now and then. By doing this your athletes will enjoy the new experience and also feel more motivated. If you are one of those who do the same warm up every day then try something new and I am confident your athletes will notice.

Know your athletes

I don’t mean find out what they like to watch at the cinema or what food they like, I am on about what signs do they

Two Most Important Factors College Coaches Consider When Evaluating Prospective Student Athletes

College coaches recruit good students and good athletes; in that order. Coaches know the GPA and SAT/ACT scores prospective student athletes need to get through the admissions process at their school. This is not a secret. The average GPA and SAT/ACT scores are posted on the university’s website. Also, the coach knows what kind of athlete he/she needs to recruit in order to put together a competitive team.

Unfortunately, most athletes and their families look at college recruiting through their eyes rather than through the coaches eyes and are usually way off base. Some parents think their son/daughter should be playing on a national championship team when the athlete did not even play varsity until they were a senior. Others don’t think they have the ability to play college level ball even though they play one sport year-round. Others think that grades are not important in the recruiting process and a coach can recruit any athlete they like.

If your goal is to leverage your athletic ability to play college level sports, earn a freshman roster spot, get a scholarship and enroll in a better school you need to offer the coach certain basics.

How to Increase Your Volume Without Yelling

When you increase your volume, does your throat hurt? If you root for your favorite sports team, is your voice hoarse the next day? Perhaps you have no voice by the next day. All three of these situations are known as vocal abuse. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you are not increasing your volume correctly.

Yelling or shouting to be heard means that you are pushing your voice from your throat. It also means that you are raising your pitch which results in a harsh quality. When you push your voice over an extended period of time in this manner, you can do serious damage to your vocal cords especially as you age.

The other problem with yelling or shouting is that it hurts your listeners’ ears. I once listened to a ‘professional speaker’ who pushed his voice so loudly, that many of us in the audience got up and left. To yell or shout without a microphone is unpleasant. To yell or shout with a microphone is painful to your listeners’ ears!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone over the phone whose voice was so loud that you

Do’s And Don’ts – The Care Of Airsoft (AEG) Guns

1. Clean and oil your guns regularly, to keep them in top working order, Remember just a light coat of silicone lubricant often for all guns inside and outside. Guns with blow back features require silicone lubricant on the slides more often. Clean the barrel before and after use with a silicone lubricant, patch and rod. (Do not use real gun oil or lubricants like WD40)

2. Use only slick seamless 6mm round ammo purchased from a reliable website. DO NOT reuse ammo or cheap ammo, they will perform poorly and damage the weapon.

3. Use a smart charger-this will add life and performance to your batteries. These chargers will not overcharge and damage the battery and should be used with all NiMh and LiPo batteries.

4. Only use your gun with charged batteries. If your gun is wearing down, take out the battery, replace it and recharge it. DO NOT keep on shooting with a low battery.

5. Keep the gun dry, water can damage any and all components of an AEG. Keep all screws tight. Dropping can also cause damage that is no repairable.

6. Always read the safety warnings

Pole Fitness As a Sport

Pole dancing has evolved over the last decade, becoming a popular workout and an organized gymnastic competition. There are people that think poling is provocative; that it’s only associated with stripping and gives a sexual connotation. But, what people need to see is that pole dancing could be considered a sport. There are many pole dance studios around the world, making the sport not only national, but international as well. Many students of the dance studio admit that pole dancing is a great way to exercise, get fit and it also inspires and empowers them. There are many reasons why pole dancing should be recognized as a sport and perhaps one day become an Olympic sport.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a pole fitness athlete wins an Olympic medal? Before pole dancing could be considered a sport it must be administered by an international federation which ensures that the sport’s activities follow the Olympic Charter. If it is widely practiced all around the world and meets a certain amount of criteria established of the IOC’s, and eventually draft an official petition for consideration by the international Olympic committee. The International Sports Federations are international non-governmental organizations

How You Can Avoid Injury in Any Sport

Sports are getting more attention and increased participation in recent years. Better programs have been in place for those who want to try out their skills in any sport, and there might just be a way for people who need to uncover their inner athletic abilities.

As interest in sports rises, so do the cases of injury. The good news is, 50% of all sports injuries can be avoided. Here are some useful tips and preventive strategies you can apply to ensure a good and safe game every time:

1. Ask your physician.

Don’t get too excited about taking part in a physical sport. It is wise to ask your doctor about your plans. This is particularly advised for those who had medical issues in the past or are undergoing medication. Make sure you get properly evaluated physically before making that big leap. Remember, your passion for sports should make you a healthier, better person.

2. Prepare by getting in shape.

Prior to actually participating in any sport, it is best that you give your body the chance to be prepared for it. If you suddenly take part in a strenuous marathon

Sports Conspiracy Theories That Still Make You Wonder

In 1969 when the Baltimore Colts battled the New York Jets in super bowl III, the future of NFL was on the line. This is because if the Colts won (which seemed obvious), NFL stood to lose millions in future TV revenues.

To save the future of NFL, Jets won 16-7. According to Bubba Smith who was a player then, super Bowl III was a set up for the jets to win so that not only to save the future of NFL, but to also ensure that every team made millions of dollars in profits.


In the mid-1980s, Major league Baseball had problems with its finances and the new commissioner, Peter Ueberroth had the solution. Ueberroth asked the owners to avoid signing any free agents.

Before the start of the 1986 and 1987 season, MLB owners refused to sign other team’s free agents which resulted to the players suing MLB owners through their union.

Although, the owners made profits from the move, they lost the cases and they were forced to pay the player’s union $280 million.

Sonny Liston threw the heavyweight title rematch against Muhammad Ali in 1965


Lessons Learned From Sports – How to Develop A Life Long Player

For more than 15 years, I have worked in recreational sports and venue management. My approach is to encourage families to balance competition with enjoyment in sports, and for children to develop a love of the activity. The venue where the sport takes place acts as an informal community center where people with similar interests can gather. The facility creates a sense of belonging, thus encouraging greater participation.

Let’s examine the community of the ice skating rink. Skaters who try a triple toe loop or a flying camel spin over and over may be misunderstood by people outside the skating community, but those who are involved in skating understand it may take 1,000 tries to reach the goal of landing the jump. In serious leisure, the process of making 1,000 attempts builds the skater’s character, as it helps develop their work ethic, determination, and perseverance. These skills are transferable to a skater’s everyday lives. When an assignment at school or a task at work may seem daunting, the athlete can draw on their sports skills to conquer the task with courage and poise. Further, participating in activities with peers can help students with problem solving and

Setting Up a New Sports Program

You are responsible for setting up the programs at a new sports venue. What are the key points to ensure success?

Encourage guest participation for all ages

Provide a vision and a concrete plan to encourage participation for all ages. A well-run program will keep customers coming back, and generate positive word of mouth for new customers.

National sports organizations govern baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, swimming, figure skating, etc. The associations offer recreational and competitive training that incorporates positive reinforcement, such as a sportsmanship program for athletes and their parents. Having a positive vision for participants will make people happier to participate and will foster a community environment. Encourage staff to focus on the process of participating, not solely on outcomes.

With an increase in the Baby Boomer generation reaching age 65 in the coming years, be sure to set-up programs for seniors. They want to be active, but are hesitant to return to activities in which they may need to modify their participation. This generation values hard work and achievement, so they may feel discouraged in a modified activity, like they are taking a step backward. Either they are worried about

How to Balance Fun and Safety in Family Activities

Physical activity is an essential part of being healthy. In children, being physically active helps build strong bones and muscles, decreases the likelihood of developing obesity, and promotes positive mental health. Children are recommended to have 60 minutes or more of physical activity daily. Family members can model positive physical activity by leading an active lifestyle and participating in activities with their children.

In promoting physical activity in children, we must balance safety with fun. As a parent, I greatly appreciate the need for safety; however, watching my daughter play, I observe the need for mixing excitement with safety. We cannot regulate play to the point where it is uninteresting! I remember playing on rusty metal play equipment as a child. Today, the Consumer Products Safety Commission regulates outdoor playground equipment, surfacing, and materials in an effort to minimize risk. Metal swings and climbing ropes on concrete have been replaced with belted swings and ramps over recycled rubber mulch. Age-appropriate playground equipment is helpful to parents, though children tend to gravitate toward equipment that will provide more thrills, and is thus designed for older children. We must monitor children’s play to help them made safe decisions.

Head Injury Prevention in Ice Skating


Physical activity is an essential part of being healthy. In children, activity helps build strong bones and muscles, decreases the likelihood of developing obesity, and promotes positive mental health. Children are recommended to have 60 minutes or more of physical activity daily.

In the United States, more than 30 million children and teens participate in sports. Of that number, approximately 3.5 million children and adolescents ages fourteen and under are hurt annually while participating in recreational activities. In 2002, The National Safe Kids Campaign estimated that 13,700 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms for ice skating related injuries. Many of these are preventable head injuries if protective equipment, such as helmets or halos, is used.

Gliding across the ice, with the cool wind whipping across a skater’s face is an exhilarating feeling. One push can propel a skater far down the glistening, snowy surface. Worrying about a head injury is often far from a skater’s mind, as many participants are not aware of the possibility of head injury from ice skating. The goals of this article are to raise awareness about potential head injury from ice skating and to promote the use

Things to Consider When Buying a RC Motorbike

A RC Motorbike is an excellent toy for young and old and everyone in between and whether you’re buying one for yourself or for someone else, the following tips will help you make the perfect choice. RC Motorcycles have gained widespread popularity in the past few years, with new models and features being introduced constantly so choosing one may be a bit overwhelming.

The first thing to consider is the age of the person you intend to buy the RC Bike for. RC Motorcycle models vary in speed, reach of the remote, and of course price hence some of them may not be suited for kids or may be overwhelming for adults. Toy RC Bikes are generally powered by household AA batteries, while the models for advanced RC enthusiasts are backed by a much more robust power source such as nitro, gas or electric motors.

Common types of RC Motorbikes

In terms of RC Motorcycle power sources, there are three variants to choose from namely electric, petrol and nitro. These power sources dictate the power output, maintenance and cost of RC Motorbikes. Petrol RC Motorbikes are easy to maintain, and boast a considerably high

Five Little Known Yet Super Useful Headlamp Applications And Five Must-Have Headlamp Settings

1: As Your Bedside Reading Light
Try to find a headlamp with a red light setting for 2 main reasons. To begin with, it is actually a lesser degree of light so you don’t disrupt others. Second, and much more, red light doesn’t wreck your night vision since it doesn’t activate certain chemicals in your eyes that control night vision. This enables you to see very well in a reduced light environment.

Must-Have Feature: Get a bright head light with at least 40 lumens and a dimmer instead of one that just has a couple settings. This enables you to set the precise quantity of light you require for reading. You will normally find you don’t require as much light as you believe. In addition, this will certainly prevent bright reflections beaming back in your eyes.

2: As Your Hands-Free Flashlight
Yes, that’s right. Think about your light as nothing more than a flashlight without a significant rod on the end of it. It merely is carried by the attachment on the back of the light. Simply put, why not buy a torch that may turn right into a hands-free flashlight whenever you require it.

Start Your RC Car or Truck Hobby in 3 Simple Steps

Aerial drones, planes, cars and trucks – suddenly, if you can make it go with a remote control you hold in your hand! It’s all the rage! Building, driving and enjoying remote control (RC) cars and trucks is a great hobby to have, but how do you know where to start? When you walk into a hobby shop and two enthusiasts are arguing over the merits of Castle Creations versus Integrity parts and motors, it can be a little intimidating.

But rest assured that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. There are only a few things you need to keep in mind before starting a fun RC car and truck hobby, and we’ve gone over them right here. The most important thing is to take your entry into this hobby world slowly and simply, and before you know it, you’ll be racing your car down the track like a pro.

1. Know the difference between toy-grade and hobby-grade.

You’ve seen toy RC cars and trucks before at toy shops and big box stores. You probably played with them as a kid, and if you have kids, you might have bought

Pursuing the Passionate Hobby of Railfanning in India

In the fast paced, extremely stressful life environment, there is always time for pursuing a hobby. One such hobby is railfanning, which revolves around everything to do with trains, stations, heritage, history, operations, yards, and much more.

In India, railway is not just another mode of transportation; it offers a window seat to view the culture and traditions from up close. Railway was first introduced in India as a transportation system in 1853 and since then, it has grown to become one of largest railway networks in the world covering 115,000 km (71,000 miles). Such a large network with deep-rooted history offers plenty of avenues for learning, photography, and traveling. Today, India has around 5,000 railfans, and the number keeps growing by the day.

Railfanning, as a hobby can be divided into several segments. Each segment has its own benefits and charm and ensures the participation of like-minded hobbyists. The different segments are:

  1. Train Spotter: A train spotter (TS) focuses on spotting specific trains and sharing the running information with other train buffs. TS is involved in documentation of arrival and departure of trains at a specific station, the type or class of locomotive hauling

Custom Lawn Systems For Sprinkling – Why Should You Install Them

Supplementary irrigation plays a crucial role in today’s time as it helps you in salvaging your landscape even when the rains aren’t available. There are various sprinklers that you could consider incorporating in your home’s custom lawn system. A custom lawn based system for sprinkling allows you to keep your landscape fresh and moist all the time. This kind of a system is not just convenient to handle but even helps you in creating a beautiful backyard in double quick time. There are various reasons why you must install this system.

Enhancing the overall appearance and health of the lawn

One of the major advantages of a sprinkler system is that it helps you enhancing the overall health and appearance of the garden. You can easily opt for consistent amount of irrigation so that you can beautify your lawn and save some water as well. Even if rain falls, the system has certain sensors installed in them that automatically shut down the system so that you don’t have to waste the water.

Different kinds of systems which are present in the market

Several kinds of lawn sprinkler systems are present in the market